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Things from November

It's the season when rice is delicious.

Nanataki, Mifune-machi, Kamimashiki-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture is located in the middle and mountainous area of Mifune-machi, but if you use the expressway from Kotori-zaka Studio, you can get there in less than 20 minutes.

When I stopped by Kunitake Forestry in Nanataki, I received a bundle of Mdori rice.

It is said to be ancient rice, and its purplish ears are decorated with taste.

A local TV station covered us in mid-October.

I was surprised that you came without an appointment.

Thank you for the wonderful broadcast.

This weekend

●Design the forest vol.1

Building bird nest boxes + recruiting nest box owners

Saturday, November 4, 2023 from 13:00

Let's have fun together.

Wednesday is coffee stand day

1993 COFFEE STAND is open approximately every Wednesday.

Please check Instagram or the end of this page for this month's schedule.

We continue to accept studio tours by reservation, except on Wednesdays.

Please use the URL below to select the date and time.

We are waiting for your reservation.


●Higurashi no Mori marche vol.1

November 19, 2023 (Sunday) 10:00-16:00

Tashiroyoshimuda, Mifune-cho, Kamimashiki-gun

Let's relax and enjoy Higurashi Forest Marche

We sell tableware and accessories.

1993 COFFEE STAND will also be participating.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what other exhibitors have to say.

Aso oriri forest clearing work

We are looking for members to create new forests and nurture the future.

Would you like to face nature while working?

Please contact us from the official LINE. We look forward to.

●sogaform experience2023

Saturday, December 2nd and Sunday, December 3rd, 2023

This year, oriri mfg is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

●WINTER LUNCH reward time vol.1

This is a collaboration with Organic Cafe Sora no Mori.

December 9th (Sat) and 10th (Sun)

Reservation required


●oriri Forest New Year preparations

Would you like to collect pine seedlings and make them into netsuke kadomatsu?

December 2023


Ikkyusan coffee stand schedule

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