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om 008

Lounge chair

W690 | D850 | H1080 | SH360mm

¥ 420,000- + tax

With leg rest

¥ 500,000- + tax

om 011

Dining chair

With arm

W565 | D490 | H735 | SH400mm

¥ 140,000- + tax

No arm

W520 | D490 | H735 | SH400mm

¥ 100,000- + tax

+ ¥ 3,000- + tax

Black sheet

I focused on the pelvis

What is a good sitting comfort?

I thought that it would be "easy to maintain a good posture" with less discomfort such as body pain and stuffiness.


The Japanese pelvis tends to fall back when sitting on a chair, and it seems that many people have their backs curled up on the backrest. It is said that the amount of muscles and the angle of the pelvis are different from those of Westerners, but some old European chairs that demanded a comfortable seat have a structure that supports the pelvis. .. ..


This chair was designed by exploring a shape that supports the pelvis so that a good posture can be easily maintained. The seat surface uses a fine plain weave of paper cord to prevent the front slip of the waist and make it easier to keep the pelvis upright.

--With arm

35th Living Crafts Exhibition 2017

Kumamoto Award / Grand Prix Winner

--No arm

35th Living Crafts Exhibition 2017

Katsuhiko Ogino Jury Encouragement Award

om 011
om 011

om 013

First chair 
Production stoppage

With one arm

W410 | D340 | D510 | SH200mm

​ ¥ 36,000-

No arm

W350 | D340 | D510 | SH200mm

​ ¥ 33,000-

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