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Aso Oriri Forest, 3rd Tree Planting Event 2024

This is Oriri Forest project in its fourth year.

We are continuing without pause.

In the first event, 200 seedlings were planted, but not all of them have grown because they have been destroyed by animals and so on. What's more, the growing points of the surviving seedlings have been continuously eaten, so they are not growing at all.

We were sad every time we went to mow the grass.

For this reason, we have shifted our plans to grow seedlings (trees grown from seeds) in Mifune and then plant them once they have grown to a certain size.

We wanted to make a tunnel of Momiji trees, so we planted them.

A baby tree with new leaves just coming out.

Please be strong.

You can see the solar panels next door in the background.

This is the boundary of the forest.

Now that the space along the river has been cleaned up, I think I can put up a tarp there next time.

Seedlings are still being grown at the factory in Mifune Town.

When you visit, please tell the seedlings about your dreams.

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