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Things from August

Last month, team oriri was down with an epidemic and spent a month just trying to survive.

How are you all doing?

I hope you can live in peace whether you are in good health or not.

As a summer job, I'm making wooden plates that have been requested many times.

I'm feeling the new charm of wood that appears on the wood lathe.

We will sell at the monitor price for a while.

I hope you will pick it up and give us your impressions.

Available at Kotorizaka Studio.

By the way, Kotorizaka Studio has been operating a reservation system for a while now.

Please use the URL below to select the date and time.

We are waiting for your reservation.

Planned Events

We plan to inform you of the contents little by little. looking forward to!

Aso oriri forest clearing work

We are looking for friends who will create a new forest and nurture the future.

Would you like to face nature while working?

Please let us know. We look forward to.


Art workshops and more. Date undecided.

●Christmas Organic Lunch (provisional)

December 9th (Sat) and 10th (Sun)

Planning a special Christmas lunch.

●sogaform experience2023

December 2 (Sat) and 3 (Sun)

This year, oriri mfg is 10 years old.

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