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manufacturing muscle

Oriri MFG is currently being planned, designed, produced, and sold by two people.

Soga is in charge of design and making, Sakanashi is in charge of direction.

However, we often interfere in each other's areas.

Intense dialogue continues even after the drawings have been created until the product is completed.

Dialogue for minor changes will continue even after completion.

I don't think it's difficult or unpleasant, but it does take time and it's not easy.

If I don't have a strong desire to create things, I'm sure one or the other will give up, but fortunately, passion and persistence may be in balance.

It's not just about saying no, but sometimes it's encouraging when you feel like you're about to compromise.

I'm always doing muscle training like this, so my manufacturing muscles may be getting stronger without me even realizing it! I also think that

I want to create more beautiful things

I still have to train my manufacturing muscles.

The image is of a bird's nest found in the Aso oriri forest. delicate.

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